Rezension: „Writing Book Blurbs and Synopses“ von Rayne Hall ****


Titel: Writing Book Blurbs and Synposesrayne-hall-book-blurbs-and-synopses
Autorin: Rayne Hall
Genre: Sachbuch, Ratgeber
Verlag: Selfpublishing
Seiten: 113
Format: Kindle E-Book
Preis: 3,55 €


„Do you want a synopsis that persuades agents to request the whole manuscript? Does your book need a description that entices Amazon customers click the ‚Buy Now‘ button?

This guide shows you step-by-step how to create six effective short forms for selling your manuscript to publishers and your indie-published book to readers:

* The SYNOPSIS shows the novel’s plot structure. You use it to communicate with industry professionals – publishers, editors, literary agents.

* The CHAPTER-BY-CHAPTER OUTLINE tells industry professionals about your non-fiction book or short story collection.

* The PITCH serves to convince publishers, editors, literary agents, booksellers and marketing people of the book’s commercial potential. Use it during pitching appointments when you have only few minutes to talk about your book, and as a hook in query letters.

* The BLURB is a product description for the book’s backcover and Amazon page, designed to entice readers.

* The ENDORSEMENT BLURB recommends another writer’s book.

* The TAGLINE is a short slogan to hook readers.

Click ‘Look Inside’ or ‘Download Free Sample’ to see how this guide can help give your book the success it deserves.

Rayne Hall is the author of over seventy books, both indie and traditionally published.“